Reuben Allen returns from a trip to the Caribbean

I just returned back to Chicago after a week of family vacation to the Caribbean island of Anguilla. Besides snorkeling, stargazing, and just relaxing by the pool, there were some great musical experiences. The first was jamming with a trio of local musicians. I played some of the band’s original music, and they expressed interest in learning some of mine. I even taught the guitarist my tune “Evanston” by ear.

Another highlight of the trip was a family project to compose and perform a song for my Aunt’s birthday. My Uncle, brother, and I ended up writing and performing “The 8/9/10 Blues” (referring to August 9th, 2010). My brother played the drums, I played piano, and my Uncle sang three comedic and anecdotal verses. This family project as well as my experiences playing with the local musicians reinforced the importance trying to make music with everybody and especially, to have fun doing it.

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