Life after school-Martin Nevin

My time since teaching at Stanford Jazz Workshop has been very interesting. After graduating from Manhattan School of Music in May, I have been enjoying my first chunk of time outside of school since I was about 5 years old. I feel more responsible for my personal and musical growth than ever before. I have had time to take advantage of living in New York City without the obligations that come with being a student. I have also been able to meet and play with many musicians I didn’t know previously, while also continuing to strengthen musical connections with the ones that I have known for a while. One of the people I have been playing with a lot is pianist/composer Sam Harris. Sam’s music is challenging, yet incredibly unique and inspired. Recently, I played with Sam’s group at the Jazz Gallery. This performance featured Logan Richardson on saxophone and Greg Ritchie on drums. It’s always a deep pleasure to play with musicians of such a high caliber who are also some of the best listeners. Those are the most inspiring musical experiences for me. I have posted a video from that show here. 

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